Adventure Trails

Adventure Trails

We have an adventure trail for various activities involving 4×4 vehicles, ATV’s, motorcycles, mountain bikes, hiking, trail running and more. An exciting way to get in and get out of Bulod campsite!

Going in and out of Bulod using the adventure trail is estimated to take 15-20 min by 4×4 vehicle and may vary depending on what you’ll be using. The difficulty of the adventure trail depends if the terrain is wet or dry. The weather plays a very important role if you plan to do this activity. Bulod is equipped with weather early warnings specific to its campsite and activity areas. See Weather Outlook. 

In this adventure trail, you’ll pass by mountain ranges with breathtaking views. Although the sheer abundance of trails is an endless web of flowing bliss, it can be sometimes complex or dangerous. We take safety seriously that is why trained guides are mandatory for a smooth and safe adventure. A waiver is required for this adventure trail activity.


  1. Basic Land Rover Adventure Trail – P6,000 per Land Rover 
  2. Advanced Land Rover Adventure Trail – TBD
  3. Tour Guide Only – P1,500 + Assistance Fees 
  4. Custom Adventure Trail – TBD

Booking of Activities are done when you arrive at the campsite.