Hiking at Dumagat Summit

Hiking at Dumagat Summit

In partnership with the Dumagat Tribe, we are now able to reach this beautiful place called Dumagat Summit.

An exciting way to get busy at CAMP MASAYO! We have a hiking trail going to the Dumagat Summit.

Going in and out of Dumagat Summit is estimated to take  3hrs to 5hrs depending on a lot of factors.  We strongly recommend that you do this activity only if you are physically fit with no medical conditions.  The difficulty of the hiking activity depends if the terrain is wet or dry. The weather plays a very important role if you plan to do this activity. CAMP MASAYO! is equipped with weather early warnings specific to its campsite and activity areas. See Weather Outlook. 

In this activity, you’ll pass by mountain ranges with breathtaking views, see communities-villages, wildlife and a lot more. Our team can also prepare natural snacks along the way like buko juice and other local delicacies.  We take safety seriously that is why trained guides (1 guide per 3 people) are mandatory for a smooth and safe adventure. A waiver is required for this hiking activity.

Rates starting at P1,500 per person

Booking of Activities are done when you arrive at the campsite.