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Executive Class with David Celdran

David Celdran escapes the metropolis of Manila to experience glamping in the foothills of the Sierra Madre in Tanay, Rizal. This episode originally aired on the ABS-CBN News channel in 2021.

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Chef JP Anglo's My Favorite Kitchens

Experience Chef JP Anglo’s outdoor cooking together with the Bulod community. Chef JP supports the Bulod community and considers it as one of his favorite kitchen!

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Urbandub X Bulod Collaboration

Watch Urbandub’s unplugged performance at Bulod Campsite. We call this “Destination Gig” adapting to the new normal, a private micro event with strict emphasis on safety and health protocols. 

ANCX Feature

This hidden members-only campsite in Tanay, Rizal is a fantastic place to see the Sierra Madre Range.  The camp is located on a steep hillside across the river, with perfect views of the Sierra Madre Mountain range

Smile Cebu Pacific Feature

This campsite in Tanay could be the escape we all need right now. A 2.5-hour drive from Manila, Bulod Natural Spaces in the province of Rizal offers hilltop tents with a view of the Agos River

A Journey to Wellness at Bulod Campsite in Rizal, Philippines by Dudez Perez

In the modern world, the ultimate life goal is to chase our dreams whatever they may be. So, we keep pushing forward to reach this goal. We romanticize the idea of grasping the dream but often in the process, the chase becomes mechanical and soulless. 

Nolisoli.ph Feature

Bulod Campsite is a camping, hiking and recreation grounds situated next to Agos River. It’s also a social enterprise that provides livelihood to indigenous communities nearby