Helpie FAQ

Helpie FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - Bulod Campsite at Daraitan

  • Where is the campsite located?

    Our first batch of campsites are located at Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal, Philippines.  All vehicle types can enter up to Daraitan Road   but the main Campsite located at Sitio Masayo, Daraitan requires a small adventure.

  • How to get to the campsite?
    • The information is updated July 10, 2021 (wooden bridge at Daraitan Road is no longer available)
    • Please view “Daraitan Road” via Waze or Google Maps
    • Please print your GATE PASS as this will be presented in the checkpoints going to Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal. GATE PASS will be sent to you 1 to 2 days before your trip (there is a fee of P20/head to be billed during checkout).
    • Before you arrive at Daraitan Road or a day before your trip please contact our transportation team via SMS/Viber 0939 0357291 or 09517176375 for your ETA.
    • When you arrive at “Daraitan Road” you may park in the free/pay parking areas (note that parking at Daraitan is super safe).
    • PLATFORM BOAT: There is a platform boat you need to ride to cross the river and will only take 3min. This is a public transportation provided by Daraitan. Fee is P20 per person.
    • LAND ROVER: After the platform boat our Land Rovers will pick you up and will bring you to an area  where you need to submit the GATE PASS and sign the WAIVER. After that they will bring you to our campsite directly. Fee is P300 per trip (Check in and Checkout).
    • Additional boat ride going to our campsite will only be used when river level is high.
    • FOR OWN 4×4 VEHICLES: If you wish to go to our campsite directly and pass thru our 4×4 trail you may contact our transportation team via SMS/Viber 0939 0357291 or 0951 7176375. Fee is P1,500 for the assistance + if more guides are needed.
  • What are the overnight rates?

    Below are the standard rates as of July 10, 2021

    • Per Tent: 6,000 PHP/night (4pax minimum)
    • Exclusive Booking: 35,000 PHP/night (up to 25pax)
    • AutoCamping: 10,000 PHP/night (up to 10pax)
    • MotoCamping: 10,000 PHP/night (up to 10pax)
    • Daytrip: 9,000 PHP/day (up to 6pax)
    • Extra Person: 1,500 PHP/night
    • Events: Please contact us for a custom package rate.
  • Does the campsite accept daytrips?

    Daytrips are only from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. We only allow one (1) to two (2) groups per day. You will be located in our Daytrip area section with 1 regular tent , tables and chairs. Daytrips are not allowed when our campsite is booked exclusively. Please see the link of our DAYTRIP package for more information.

    Daytrips have the same requirements as overnight trips when entering Brgy. Daraitan

  • How do I make a booking? and how do I pay?

    Bookings are now made via our WEBSITE. A 50% downpayment is needed to confirm a reservation and paid via Bank Transfer, GCash or Debit/Credit Card/Paypal.  All other remaining payments shall be paid upon checkout (POS/Bank Transfer/GCash).

  • What are the activities to do within the campsite area?

    There are fun activities you can do within the campsite. From relaxing activities such as swimming, boat rides, horseback riding; scenic adventures such as trekking at river rock formations; hiking activities at mountain peaks; big bonfires at night; to 4×4 or motor adventures! Please check the Activities section of this website for more information.

    Booking of Activities are done when you arrive at the campsite. 

  • Where can I see more pictures and videos of the campsite?

    You may visit our social media pages Facebook & Instagram: @bulod.campsite 

  • Are there any requirements going to the campsite?

    The information is updated July 10, 2021: COVID-19 Tests are not mandatory but it is still best to bring negative test results. Currently Brgy. Daraitan limits its visitor capacity and GUESTS ARE NOW ONLY REQUIRED TO SECURE A GATE PASS. Gate pass will be processed by Bulod Campsite and will send to guests 2 to 3 days before the trip. Guests will present this document in checkpoint areas and Bulod’s transportation team.

  • Are kids or senior citizens allowed in the campsite?

    If you book exclusively (rent the whole campsite privately) we can allow infants, toddlers and senior citizens in our campsite. Please note that we do not recommend this especially during bad weather.

  • Are pets allowed in the campsite?

    Yes we are a pet friendly campsite! Guests usually bring their own tent if they want to be together with their pets.  Pets are not allowed to stay in our in-house tents. We are not allowed to handle/touch/carry pets and it is the responsibility of the guest to take care of their pets while in the campsite. Proper waste management and cleanliness should be observed.

    If you book exclusively (rent the whole campsite privately) we can allow unleashing of pets within the campsite area.

  • What are the campsite amenities?
    • Six (6) Bell Tents – 17-ft luxury bell tents are available with airbeds/uratex mattress and camping lights. All tents are disinfected regularly (up to 6pax).
    • Studio Room – 1 studio room with queen size bed and electric fan (up to 4pax).
    • Pavilion – Common area with wooden tables and chairs with a great view of Mt. Daraitan.
    • Picnic Areas – Common areas with outdoor tables & chairs, swing areas with roof, and tent pitching areas.
    • Eight (8) Toilet & Bath (T&B) –   Four (4) outdoor bamboo restrooms and four (4) indoor restrooms. All with clean water, toilet w/ bidet, shower and faucet.
    • Restaurant & Bar –  Common area with wooden tables and chairs with a great view of the river. Local Filipino dishes, local products, Filipino-brewed beers, red wine, and whisky are available.
    • Indoor & Outdoor Kitchen –  Indoor kitchen complete with gas powered burner and utensils; Outdoor kitchen for smoke and grill cooking powered by charcoal and wood. We do not have any electrical plugs in our kitchen area.
    • Utilities & WiFi – Clean water from wells, solar powered sockets and WiFi connection allowing guests to remain “connected” while camping.
    • Fans & Aircon – Currently we do not have any fans available, we recommend guests to bring their own portable generators and rechargeable fans for added convenience. Our studio room is equipped with Aircon powered by a diesel generator, but this can only be used for emergency purposes or if you will rent the whole campsite exclusively.
  • What are the important things to bring when camping?

    Please make sure you are fit to go camping and do outdoor activities.

    We ask guests to prioritize safety by bringing additional items such as first-aid kit, boots, jacket, raincoat, alcohol, insect repellant and more.

    For added convenience, we ask guests to bring toiletries, food & snacks, water bottles, bed sheets, pillow sheets, blankets, power banks, solar powered fans and other personal items.

  • What's inside the tent & how many can fit? are the tents disinfected? does it have fans or aircon?

    Our tents inside come with a wooden platform, airbeds/uratex mattress, pillows and camping lights and can accommodate up to 6pax.  All tents are disinfected regularly. For COVID-19 safety we require all guests to bring own bed sheets, pillow sheets & blankets.

    Currently we do not have any fans, aircon and electrical sockets inside the tents, but we hope to improve our setup in a few months. In the meantime, we suggest guests to bring own rechargeable fans for added convenience (charging stations are located in the pavilion area). The tent has side windows and door screens that you can open for ventilation. The average temperature at night is around 20degC to 24degC.

  • Does the campsite have electricity and sockets?

    The campsite is operated by solar power and only limited to lights and charging of electronics. The charging station is located inside the pavilion area but limited to a few charging of electronics at a time.

  • Does the campsite have mobile signal or WIFI?

    Within the campsite has only 1 bar signal for Globe & Smart. There are spots that have full bar signal (but you need to walk with some distance). The only way to communicate is connecting to our WIFI for simple messaging and social media usage.

  • Are the restrooms common? where is it located?

    All restrooms are common and disinfected regularly. However if you book exclusively (rent the whole campsite), you can assign the restrooms per group.  In total we have four (4) outdoor bamboo restrooms and four (4) indoor restrooms all with clean water, toilet w/ bidet, shower and faucet.

    Location of the restrooms

    • The two (2) outdoor bamboo restrooms are located at the left side of the campsite (a few steps from the 4 bell tents)
    • The two (2) outdoor bamboo restrooms are located at the right side of the campsite (near the bar and restaurant)
    • The four (4) indoor restrooms are located inside the Pavilion area (a few steps from the 2 bell tents)
  • Can I use the kitchen? can we cook our own meals? can we bring our own food & drinks?

    We have an Indoor kitchen complete with gas powered burner and utensils; and an Outdoor kitchen for smoke and grill cooking powered by charcoal and wood.  We do not have any electrical plugs in our kitchen area.

    If you will be using our kitchen there is a shared kitchen fee of P1,500/24hrs, but if you book exclusively (rent the whole campsite) the Indoor & Outdoor kitchen is FREE to use.

    There is no charge if you bring your own cooking equipment and do your cooking within the tent and picnic areas. We also suggest to bring your own equipments and utensils.

    Guests can bring own food & drinks.

  • Does the campsite serve food and drinks? what is the availability of the restaurant & bar?

    Our Restaurant & Bar is only available for booked guests. Our menu depends on the availability of ingredients. Usually there is a Lunch-Snack- Dinner-Breakfast Menu Set daily. Only exclusive bookings can pre-order. Meals serve 2 to 3 people.

    Please see our FOOD MENU for more information.

    Alcoholic drinks available are Red Wine and Filipino made Witchcraft Beer & Whisky.

    Guests can bring own food & drinks.

  • Is drinking water available? ice? coffee?

    Yes we have mineral water gallons free for all guests.

    We have limited ice on a daily basis, we suggest guests to bring additional ice and coolers.

    We have brewed coffee available free for all guests.

  • Is there a refrigerator or freezer in the campsite?

    We do not have any refrigerator or freezer in our campsite, what we have are only few big coolers with full of ice.

  • I want to know about the Bulod Community program

    Bulod supports a network of campsites to empower the livelihood of rural/indigenous communities. Bulod houses locals/indigenous families in a collaborative natural area (campsites) to do business as informal economy merchants.  Your visit will help the communities get extra income to help reduce poverty.

    We are not a resort and we consider our place a natural camping site. Even we have complete facilities and safety measures in place, you will still experience raw nature and how it is living in the mountains together with the local community. This will require some physical effort and some inconvenience during your stay.

    If you are open to this kind of adventure, then our place is perfect for you!

  • I want to know about the Bulod Individual Partnership program

    To become an individual partner we are asking  P10,000/year to support our project sites at Daritan, Tanay, Rizal, Philippines. We will be building three (3) more camping sites to empower more local/tribal communities within the area. In return we will provide you access to our campsites and benefits such as:

    • Free 2 nights overnight stay monthly using our in-house tent (use of in-house tent is only allowed for a minimum of 4pax)
    • Free 2 nights overnight stay monthly using own tent in our tent pitching area (no minimum pax limit)
    • Access to all campsites with unlimited day trips
    • Free use of common facilities
    • Access to farm picking & farming activities (once available)
    • Can bring non-members for a daily rate of P250 (day trip) and P1,000/pax (overnight)
    • Signing privileges – our site is cashless so billings are sent to you after your trip
    • 30% discount on activities and other services
    • Priority list during special events & activities
    • You may DOWNLOAD THE FORM and once you submit the signed copy together with the payment, we will contact you to provide you more information and schedule your 1st visit.
  • Are there procedures in case of emergencies?

    Our staff are trained to handle emergency situations and properly coordinated with the procedures of the Barangay and Local Government. Within the campsite we have an aircon room with first aid kit that can be used, 2 way radios, standby 4×4 vehicles, boat and life vests for emergency situations. The nearest hospital is at Tanay municipal proper and will take 30min to 45min travel time.

  • Is weather critical for booking a camping trip?

    Weather is one of the most important aspect of our operations. Our campsite is equipped with early warning risk analysis for weather, lightning & thunderstorms. See our 24×7 WEATHER ANALYSIS if you are planning to go camping at Bulod Campsite.

    Some scenarios below that guests need to know:

    • When there is heavy rainfall continuously for days, the river level goes up so it will be difficult for guests to check in, we usually close our campsite and provide full refund or asks guests to re schedule.
    • In a worst case scenario where guests are within the campsite, we have a professional transportation team, 4×4 vehicles & 6×6 trucks and an access road where guests no longer need to cross the river, so there is no need to worry.
    • If there is an LPA or a Tropical Cyclone that will affect our campsite, we close our campsite and provide full refund or asks guests to re schedule.
    • When there is thunderstorm, we asked guests to proceed to our pavilion or emergency house immediately, usually this event usually takes an hour.
    • When there is lightning activity within 3km radius, the campsite is warned and guests are asked to go directly to the pavilion or emergency house, also guests are not allowed to swim if there is lightning activity within the area, usually this event usually takes an hour.
  • What is the campsite's cancellation policy?

    Bookings within Friday to Sunday can be cancelled with full refund at least 5 days prior to confirmed check in date & time. NO REFUND for cancellations less than 5 days prior to confirmed check in date & time. We strictly implement this policy as bookings peak on these days.

    Bookings within Monday to Thursday can be cancelled with full refund at least 2 days prior to confirmed check in date & time.

    Re scheduling is only possible on a case-to-case basis for example: government restrictions, natural disasters or other uncontrollable events.

  • What is the campsite's smoking policy?

    We have designated smoking areas within the campsite. We allow smoking as long as other guests are not affected. This does not apply if you are camping exclusively; it is within your group to set the smoking policy, but proper disposal of cigarette butts should always be observed.

  • What is the campsite's noise policy?

    If there are other guests booked silence must be observed from 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM. This does not apply if you are camping exclusively; it is within your group to set the noise policy.

  • What is the campsite's swimming policy?

    Swimming within the natural pools is allowed only from 7:00AM to 5:00 PM for safety purposes. Swimming is also not allowed when there is bad weather such as thunderstorms, lightning, heavy rain and high water level.

  • For overnight booking, is it possible to check in early and checkout late?

    We only allow early check in as early as 9AM if there are no other guests still booked in our campsite. We only allow late checkout until 2PM if there are no other guests checking in.

  • Do you allow ocular inspections?

    We only allow ocular inspections if you are conducting an event in our campsite.